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Canadian Penny BUCK AND DOE Copper Couples Necklace or Keychain Sets...Cut coinsvalentine necklace, Browning symbols



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This Canadian Copper Penny Buck and Doe Couples Necklace or Keychain Set will interlock almost seamlessly! They are hand cut by me using true copper Canadian pennies, no two will be the same. Canadian pennies have already been discontinued and I am sure The US penny is not far behind, the older ones I use are solid copper :) Remember in 1982 they stopped using copper and were made with zinc and were coated in copper.Broken tokens was the original name for carving a coin in half, this was done by men during the war... This was such a romantic gesture I had to reintroduce the idea. With all the long distance relationships there are today this is a way to have a piece of your loved one with you at all times.Also check out my other listings for this same design done with quarters and half dollarsThe perfect gift for that unique couple Thanks so much, jewellery

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